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I'm a retired Application Developer, Database Administrator, and Project Manager having worked on a wide variety of engineering applications. I have made presentations, written product specifications, test specifications, user guides and technical documentation. My main background is electronics and engineering, having worked on SCADA, instrumentation, telecomms, televisions, radar, and in the oil, gas and utility arenas.

I also have a background in education, with many years as a Mathematics teacher with responsibilites for teaching and planning the ICT syllabus at GCSE level, and currently undertake part-time Examination invigilator duties at a local grammar school.

I am proficient in VAX/VMS, Unix and Windows; I am a specialist in OSIsoft PI applications and development. I have prepared and conducted user acceptance tests (UATs) and factory acceptance tests (FATs). I am interested in migration and development project work and am prepared to travel for short durations; I have previously worked on assignments in France, Germany, Netherlands, USA and many locations throughout the UK.

I am a competent presenter, trainer and qualified teacher with a current enhanced DBS certificate (to Dec 2020).

I have had some of my electronic projects featured in hobbyist journals, a sample can be seen here.

If you're interested and wish to see my full history go to http://uk.linkedin.com/in/proberts5

I'm interested in short-term project work, consultancy or private tuition in Mathematics or Computer Science to GCE 'A' Level. I can be contacted by following the above link or via the contact point at the foot of this page.

My Specialities

Application and User guides

I have written a few applications in VB and C++; samples of the guides are here: -

vehicle on weighbridge

The latest weighbridge DLL and the associated diagnostic are now available for evaluation. This dll supports Mettler Toledo weighbridge, Shering Rinstrum R420 and Sabre 825 display weight indicators.

The registered dll is node-locked. Purchase of the license for the dll is based on a single machine and requires the host name of the target machine to complete the registration process.

32-bit wBridge.dll

testwb weighbridge diagnostic installation kit. Requires the 32-bit wBridge.dll to function correctly.

64-bit wBridge.dll

Excel 2007 spreadsheet demonstrating the use of wBridge.dll

The wBridge.dll operates 100 times before requiring registration.

ExamScreen App

ExamScreen Guide (pdf)

ExamScreen Guide (doc)

This application aids invigilators in monitoring up to six examinations simultaneously; its main purpose being to provide examination invigilators and students with an electronic display of pertinent real-time examination progress. Purchasing the license will enable extra features and enhance the capabilities. A single license can be used on a site-wide basis. Designed using Windows 7, tested in Windows 10.

Excel DiveLog

DiveLog Guide

This free Excel spreadsheet allow divers to record their dive history in a spreadsheet; it incorporates a dive planner and includes a user guide. This has been updated for Microsoft Office 365 and includes a ribbon bar. It works for Metric or Imperial units of measure.


EANx Blending

This free Excel spreadsheet will offer guidance on filling a cylinder with the correct mix of O2 and AIR. It should only be used by divers qualified to use Nitrox.

See Image below

EANx Blending

If you are interested in similar applications or utilities please contact me.


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